Simple Smile Reconstruction with a Crown or Bridge

Customized dental crowns and bridges are common solutions to minimizing complications that can arise from cracked, broken, or lost teeth. Made from highly lifelike dental porcelain (the same material used to create cosmetic veneers), modern dental crowns and bridges are as esthetically pleasing as they are strong and durable. A dental crown, which mimics the entire top portion of your tooth, is designed to cap a tooth to protect it when it suffers structural damage. A dental bridge is a lifelike replacement for a lost tooth that is supported by two dental crowns on either side, filling the gap in your smile to restore your confidence, bite function, and long-term oral health.

The Benefits of Lifelike Crowns & Bridges

When you restore a tooth with a custom dental crown, you can stop any damage (such as a fracture or break) from growing worse while simultaneously restoring its ability to support your bite pressure. The crown caps the tooth so that biting down on it doesn’t cause the fracture or break to spread, though the tooth itself will not heal. If the tooth is lost, then a crown-supported dental bridge can restore your smile’s appearance while also stopping your remaining teeth from shifting. To properly balance your bite, your teeth will naturally shift toward the gap in your smile unless you fill it with a  customized, realistic replacement.

Find the Crown or Bridge that Suits You Best

With a custom-designed dental crown or bridge, your smile can successfully recover from severe tooth damage or tooth loss. For more information, schedule a consultation by calling Saxonburg Dental Care in Saxonburg, PA, today at (724) 352-4440. We also proudly serve patients who live in Sarver, Butler, Cabot, Freeport, Natrona Heights, Tarentum and all of Western PA.