Dental Sealants: Answering 3 Very Important Questions

Your goal with your child’s smile is to keep it as immaculate and healthy as possible! You don’t want your child to have to deal with any type of discomfort or challenge when it comes to oral health, which is why you are focused on mastering the details of children’s dental care and dental hygiene. Along your journey, you will become introduced to dental sealants, which you may or may not fully understand just yet. As you may have guessed, our Saxonburg, PA team strongly encourages you to familiarize yourself with sealants (with our help, of course), as they offer the advanced protection your kiddos can certainly use (more…)

Signs You Should Never Ignore That Say: Schedule A Visit!

As you may have already guessed, there are often signs letting you know that it’s time to call our practice, tell us you need a dental visit, and then come in. Of course, this is in addition to your routine care that you should be scheduling every six months (and that does not require any type of special sign for you to plan out). As for those spontaneous visits you may suddenly require from our Saxonburg, PA team, we encourage you to become a bit more familiar with common reasons for scheduling them. You’ll notice as you go along that there’s certainly a common theme (Hint: It has to do with noticing smile changes!).


Smile Care: What Your Need Requires

Depending on what’s going on with your smile, you may require different types of dental care. Are you sure at this moment about which type of concern matches up with which type of smile care? If not, we remind you that, of course, when you come in for a dental checkup, our Saxonburg, PA team can direct you to the specific treatment that you will require (and we can explain why you need it, what to expect, and more). However, if you prefer to feel informed and educated on these foundational details in general, we encourage you to become familiar with what’s what in the world of dentistry!


Giving You The Easy Denture Rundown You Need

If you’re not familiar with dentures but you know that due to your tooth loss, today is certainly a wonderful day to learn all about these prosthetics, then you’re in luck: Our Saxonburg, PA dental team is thrilled to provide you with a rundown of the essential information you’re going to need as you begin considering the devices available to you, what you’re looking for in terms of replacing your missing teeth, and more. Keep in mind: If you have any preconceived ideas about full and partial dentures, it’s time to set them aside. Today’s modern prosthetics make beautiful, fantastic options for smile completion!


Mingle On Main September 2018

Have you been participating in the third-Thursday-of-the-month Mingle On Main that began in June? Don’t forget: This exciting community get together is enjoying its final installment this month, so soak up the fun if you’ve been participating every single month (or catch the tail end of the excitement before it’s through!) with the upcoming gathering that’s just a few days away in our Saxonburg, PA community.


Brushing Your Teeth: It Works If You Do It Correctly!

You might wonder how anyone who picks up a toothbrush on a daily basis can possibly end up with a cavity. The truth is, your brushing (when combined with flossing and your trips to see us for cleanings) can certainly help you avoid decay. However, just using your brush every day isn’t going to be enough to get you to reach this fantastic oral health goal of maintaining your healthiest smile. So, what can you do to ensure you’re using your brush frequently enough and that you’re also doing things correctly for your dental hygiene? Our Saxonburg, PA practice can help.


Dental Crowns: Filling In The Details You Want!

You know just by looking around that a dental crown is something that offers substantial protection to a damaged tooth. However, if you’re gaining all of your knowledge about crowns just from observing the world around you, then you might assume all crowns are obvious looking and made of metal! The truth is, thanks to exceptional advances in dental technology and materials, today’s crowns are actually nearly impossible to detect (though they are exceptionally strong and resilient). What to make of crowns, you wonder? Our Saxonburg, PA team can fill you in on the most essential of details!


A Root Canal Treatment Can Address Serious Tooth Concerns

Even if many people recognize that a root canal treatment is a dental procedure, and that it is used to address potentially worrying problems, they can be fuzzy on what this procedure involves. You may not need a root canal if you are addressing a cavity, and you may learn that your dentist has to perform this treatment for something other than decay. The purpose of this procedure is to address a problem within your tooth, in the area referred to as the pulp. Treating a problem in this space can put a stop to pain and sensitivity, because the pulp is where a tooth’s nerves are located. Your Saxonburg, PA dentist can offer a modern and caring approach to this restorative dental procedure, which can include the use of dental sedation to help you remain calm throughout your time in the dentist’s chair. (more…)

Quick! Check Out Your New Patient Info!

Are you thinking about becoming a new patient at our practice and you have lots of questions? Have you been doing your research and you have a checklist of particulars you’d like to go through one by one as you determine whether we are a wonderful match for you? Of course, we’d like to think we offer everything you could hope for in a dental practice, from comprehensive family dental care to the amenities that will make your experience much easier. Learn some additional details about our Saxonburg, PA practice and our services and, of course, please give us a call if you have further questions or would like to schedule your initial visit!


Saxonburg Festival Of The Arts

Guess what’s just around the corner? Well, if you’ve been part of the Saxonburg, PA community for long, you already know that it’s about time for the beloved Saxonburg Festival of the Arts! Yes, it has been 33 years since the festival began and this year will certainly not disappoint. Get ready for another weekend filled with fun for the entire family!