Complex Smile Reconstruction with Partials & Dentures

Losing more than one tooth in multiple locations poses a bigger challenge than a dental bridge can solve. That challenge grows exponentially for patients who’ve lost all of their teeth on the upper or lower dental ridge. Instead of multiple bridges to replace them, we can custom-design a partial or full denture (depending on the extent of your tooth loss) to effectively rebuild your smile. A partial denture is a custom prosthesis with a comfortable base that is supported by your dental ridge and contains highly lifelike replacement teeth in spots where yours are missing. By contrast, a full denture is a complete row of replacement teeth, and is designed to fully restore your smile after all of your upper and/or lower teeth have been lost.

The Advantages of Modern Partials & Dentures

In addition to replacing your lost teeth, which significantly boosts your oral health, bite function, and quality of life, a partial or full denture also restores the confidence you once had in your youthful smile. For instance, with a custom prosthesis, you can once again enjoy the foods you love and smile with confidence along with friends and family. Also, rebuilding your smile makes it easier to care for both at home and at our office, which can dramatically improve your long-term oral health and help you preserve the healthy, natural teeth that still remain.

Find the Partial or Full Denture that Fits You Best

If you’ve experienced severe or complete tooth loss, then we can help you regain your smile and your quality of life with a personalized partial or full denture. For more information, schedule a consultation by calling Saxonburg Dental Care in Saxonburg, PA, today at (724) 352-4440. We also proudly serve patients who live in Sarver, Butler, Cabot, Freeport, Natrona Heights, Tarentum and all of Western PA.