Erase Embarrassing Stains with Teeth-Whitening

Stains can appear on your teeth even when you keep them consistently clean, and though they may not pose a threat to your healthy tooth structure, they can diminish your confidence in your smile. As such, they’re the most common cosmetic complaint that patients have about their smiles’ appearance. Fortunately, common teeth stains don’t have to be a permanent nuisance. With the help of professional teeth-whitening, you can quickly and effectively erase them, brighten your smile, and help you regain your confidence, all in one step. For optimal comfort, we even offer a choice of teeth-whitening options, including a fast in-office procedure and a take-home kit that allows you to brighten your smile at your convenience.

In-Office and At-Home Treatment

Teeth-whitening gel is a safe but potent bleaching agent that works by breaking up the stains that develop on your teeth. These stains can form from things like the molecules from your food and beverages or from habits like using tobacco and consuming alcohol. To make erasing these stains as convenient as possible, we can perform an in-office treatment that can brighten your smile in just a couple of hours. Or, we can design custom trays that allow you to apply the whitening gel more leisurely from the comfort of home.

Learn More About Professional Teeth-Whitening

Professional teeth-whitening may be one of the simplest cosmetic dental treatments, but it’s also one of the most beneficial due to the commonness of teeth stains and discoloration. For more information, schedule a consultation by calling Saxonburg Dental Care in Saxonburg, PA, today at (724) 352-4440. We also proudly serve patients who live in Sarver, Butler, Cabot, Freeport, Natrona Heights, Tarentum and all of Western PA.