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Sedation Dentistry

Sedation dentistry is perfect for people sensitive to sounds and smells or squeamish around needles. We’ve yet to meet a patient that doesn’t have some kind of backstory to share, and feeling vulnerable can be flat-out scary. When we say that patient comfort is our number-one objective, we mean it!

If you’ve had a traumatic dental experience in the past

Your comfort is important to us, so we offer safe sedation solutions


Saxonburg Dental Care offers two different sedation options to help get the dental work you need with as little stress as possible. If you do choose sedation, our doctors will select a sedation solution that matches your procedure length and anxiety level.

Nitrous Oxide

Breathe deep and relax

Nitrous oxide–also called “laughing gas”–can greatly improve your dental experience. Drs. Sepich have you wear a mask (resembling an oxygen mask you’d see at the hospital) and inhale deeply. Before you know it, you will feel relaxed–and a bit giggly. Nitrous oxide helps dull the pain and keep you calmer throughout your procedure. We do not use nitrous oxide with our pediatric patients.

Why choose nitrous?

  • Fast-acting
  • Fast recovery
  • Eases pain
  • Eases anxiety and phobias

IV Sedation

Making dentistry a dream

Dr. Roger Sepich is licensed to perform IV (intravenous) sedation in-office (lucky you!)–so if you need a bit more help to take the fear out of your appointment, IV sedation is available. IV sedation allows you to forget you were ever at the dentist. It will not put you completely under, but you won’t be fully aware either. You should be able to follow basic instructions throughout your procedure but will emerge a bit groggy. IV sedation is a fantastic method to get the care you need– comfortably.

Follow specific instructions given by your doctor

  • Ask about fasting
  • Do not drive
  • Schedule rest time

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