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Why Our Patients Smile

"Saxonburg Dental Care provides TOP quality and care, 100%! I recommend them without hesitation."

"Throughout my life, I had never had a “good” experience at the dentist. The end result was always pain, discomfort and ridicule of my bad dental hygiene. Consequently, I never had regular visits to the dentist ~ only when there was an insurmountable problem. Decades of dental neglect eventually caught up with me, prompting a search for a dentist. In my search, Dr. Sepich and his talented and friendly staff at Saxonburg Dental Care, advertised sedation dentistry as “Personalized and Comfortable”. At my initial appointment, the team reassured me that alternatives existed that would change my perception of dentistry and good oral hygiene. After presenting a thorough evaluation of my dental needs in a professional and considerate manner, the look of fear and trepidation was very apparent on my face. I chose sedation from the alternatives because it was the best method to accomplish all of the work that needed to be performed in the minimum number of visits. Although a complete day was required for each visit, the sedation process each time was easy, painless and was accomplished with no complications. When the sedation wore off, there was no pain from all the work that was done during that time! I was amazed. During each visit, the team was supportive and informative without being condescending. I highly recommend sedation dentistry to anyone who is apprehensive about having dental work performed. As far as I am concerned, there is no other way. As a result of the team’s approach and attitude toward their patients, I can say that my attitude towards dentistry and proper oral hygiene have been totally turned around. I have never had such positive checkup results like I am receiving since joining Saxonburg Dental Care. Thank you, Saxonburg Dental Care!"

"Dear Dr. Sepich, I would like to take a moment to thank you for the extra care and excellent dentistry that you performed on me. I was very petrified of having my dentistry work performed, until I heard of your sedation dentistry program. I was extremely nervous the day when I was scheduled to have my work completed, but I am very thankful now. I probably would not have had this work done before your sedation program. Now that it’s behind me, and I don’t remember any of the procedures that took place, I would strongly recommend this to anyone who fears having such work done."

"When I moved back to Butler, I began to look for a dentist. A friend recommended Drs. Roger Sepich and Saxonburg Dental Care. I’ve never looked forward to a dental appointment, so I was a little uneasy as I walked through the door for my first appointment. Within minutes, I was relaxed, my hygienist was gentle, but very thorough and Dr. Roger, and his staff made me feel like their most important patient! Since then, I’ve recommended Saxonburg Dental Care to several of my friends and family members."

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