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Base Your Smile Care On What’s Within Your Grasp

Posted on January 23rd, 2019

There are certain things you just can’t do anything about. You cannot do anything about the way your gums are going to react to a little bit of tartar that shows up between your visits with us. You cannot predict whether you will suddenly bite into a piece of “seedless” fruit, only to realize there is a seed and it has just damaged your tooth! There are many, many things out of your control. The good news? Most of the details that you need to consider in regard to your smile care are completely within your grasp. So, rather than worrying about things that could possibly happen, keep your eye on the prize: Good oral health that you attain by following our Saxonburg, PA team’s guidelines!

Don’t Overdo It, Just Make Smart Choices

We remind patients that though there are dangers lurking all about, they’re not there that frequently. They’re also very easy to avoid, assuming you practice common sense in regard to your smile and you take just an extra second or two to think through decisions and to make smart choices. It doesn’t require any excessive analysis. It’s as simple as picking up food and thinking to yourself, “Oh boy, this could crack a tooth,” and then putting it back down, or thinking, “This seems safe!” and eating it.

Don’t Over-Cleanse Your Smile, Simply Keep It Clean

You may get this feeling that if you just clean your smile a lot and you clean it with all of your might that you’ll be able to protect your oral health without any possible problems. Unfortunately, when over-cleansing is your approach, you can end up being the sole cause of problems. Remember: Optimal smile care at home means brushing and flossing. You’ll brush twice daily and floss once. You must do this gently. Otherwise, you can weaken your smile, aggravate tissues, and you’ll become more vulnerable to the types of issues you’re trying to avoid!

Don’t Think Too Much About Care, Just Come In!

It’s easy to spend lots of time asking yourself whether you really need a dental cleaning and checkup. Then, it’s also easy to ask yourself whether you should schedule your dental filling that you need right now or later. Don’t think so much about it. Instead, promote optimal smile care choices by scheduling all visits on time (every six months for prevention and right away for restorations). So easy!

Promote Your Healthiest Smile

Do your best to keep on track with your smile health by simply considering the fact that consistent smile maintenance with the help of our team’s guidelines will promote success. Receive comprehensive, comfortable personalized dental care in Saxonburg, PA by contacting Saxonburg Dental Care today at (724) 352-4440.

Written by Dr. Sepich

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