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Flossing: Have You Mastered The Details?

Posted on August 23rd, 2018

Have you become an absolute master of the flossing portion of your dental hygiene yet? Or, do you feel like there are probably still some tips and tricks you could use that might help you feel more confident and enthusiastic? As you might imagine, you’re in very good company! As a result, we do our best to ensure you’ve got all of the information you need to feel comfortable about the floss you’re choosing and how you’re wielding it throughout your smile! Take some time to become acquainted with the suggestions our Saxonburg, PA team has to offer!

Use Floss You Like (Try Some Out)

When you use floss that you find pleasing, you’re more likely to actually take it out of the medicine cabinet and use it. This is good news for your gum health and your teeth, of course. Just think about the alternative: How likely will you be to floss consistently if you’re very displeased with the floss you use? Consider the following suggestions, so you’re satisfied with this dental hygiene product:

  • Find a product accepted by the American Dental Association (ADA), so you know it’s effective
  • Try different flavors and use those that you like
  • Remember that there are different textures and the only way to know which one you like is to keep trying them!

Use It Every Single Day

Our team wants you to keep in mind that you should be using your dental floss on a daily basis. You should floss once a day for success with dental hygiene. As you likely just noticed, this is not much of a requirement! By flossing every day, you offer some serious protection to teeth and gums by removing a significant amount of buildup and debris. Take the little bit of time required of you to floss between all teeth (and just behind the back ones). You’ll be pleased with the results.

Use Our Technique Suggestions

Wrap the floss (not too tightly) around your middle fingers (yep, not your index fingers). Now, hold onto the floss with your index fingers and with your thumbs. When you use this technique to grasp the floss, you avoid cutting off circulation! Inch your way through the floss, so you can use a fresh bit between every pair of teeth.

See Us For Help With Polishing Your Preventive Care

Need a little help with an aspect of your dental hygiene? Come on in for a dental visit and remember to ask for a demo! Receive comprehensive, comfortable personalized dental care in Saxonburg, PA by contacting Saxonburg Dental Care today at (724) 352-4440.

Written by Dr. Sepich

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