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Why Decay Is Such A Frequent Visitor

Posted on February 18th, 2019

You brush your teeth. You even do it twice a day. However, you still end up with tooth decay. How is this possible, you wonder? Doesn’t brushing twice a day keep cavities away? Well, you’re partially right with that idea. Today, our Saxonburg, PA team wants you to consider the fact that there are many reasons you may be developing decay, even though you are under the impression that you’re doing a good job with your preventive care! Let’s figure it all out together, so you can get back to a healthy smile that remains a healthy smile!

You’re Not Cleaning Thoroughly

Yes, you might be brushing and flossing! However, the only way that this helps you prevent tooth decay is if you’re doing so thoroughly and you’re not missing enough plaque for it to become a problem. Not sure if this might be your issue or not? One way to learn more is to visit our team, so we can review your steps with you. For now, consider the following quick rundown:

  • You need to floss once every day, between all teeth and behind back teeth
  • You need to brush twice every day, doing a complete job by taking two minutes each session and ensuring you’re cleaning all surfaces

You’re Skipping One Of Your Preventive Steps

Maybe you think that brushing and flossing is enough, that brushing and preventive visits are enough, or even that just flossing and seeing us for care is enough. We remind you that if you are not brushing twice a day, flossing once a day, and seeing us for your twice-a-year visits, then you are missing out on an essential part of complete prevention. Be sure that you are making every last thing on this list happen with consistency and you’ll know you’re on track (and tooth decay is much less likely to occur).

You’re Leaving Sugar Or Acids On Your Smile

We know that you may be doing absolutely everything we suggest but still, you notice that tooth decay shows up. How is this possible? One final thing to consider is that between your dental hygiene sessions, you’re loading your smile up with something like sugar, acidic drinks, carbs, etc., that will create a very acidic environment in your mouth. While you cleanse your teeth morning and night, damage may happen between those moments! So, minimize such a risk by either brushing midday or by at least getting very serious about rinsing with water!

Let Us Help You Treat And Prevent Decay

Remember to schedule dental fillings with our team when you develop tooth decay, so you may regain your oral health. As for preventing decay, don’t forget to come in for cleanings and checkups for care and advice! Receive comprehensive, comfortable personalized dental care in Saxonburg, PA by contacting Saxonburg Dental Care today at (724) 352-4440.

Written by Dr. Sepich

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