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Welcome to your resource for all things dental health-related! We try to keep things interesting and fun – our blog is a great way for us to update our patients about changes around the office or interesting dental news. We may even throw in a video here and there! Feel free to suggest blog topics if you have a question you’d like us to address. Email us at

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Posted August 27, 2023 / Blog, Patient Care, Patient Education

Can F’s on Dental Checkups Cause F’s in School?

Going to school and getting an education are essential components of a child’s development, and they take the things they learn with them for the rest of their lives. No matter what type of school children attend, their support system at home has a great deal to do with not only their feelings about school […]

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Posted April 13, 2020 / Blog, Patient Education, Preventive Dentistry

Questions to Ask at a Back-to-School Dental Visit

Some schools require a back-to-school dental visit, but even if yours doesn’t, right before school starts is a good time to schedule one of your child’s regular checkups. Saxonburg Dental Care can take care of any problems so your child won’t have to miss class after school starts, and if oral hygiene routines got a […]

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Posted May 21, 2019 / Blog, Patient Education, Preventive Dentistry

The Secret Sneakiness Of Smile Symptoms

Smile symptoms can be extraordinarily confusing without you realizing it. They are often sneaky, though you don’t notice it right off the bat, which can leave you exposed to the potential for oral health problems. The education you may not have just yet may feel like a secret that’s been kept from you! So, to […]

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Posted May 16, 2019 / Blog, Patient Education, Preventive Dentistry

Planning Smile Care With The Number “2”

When you’re living your daily life, dental care is a part of it. What you want is to feel like you can easily and effectively clean your smile without getting behind, feeling like you’re having trouble with the particulars, or getting bogged down in any details. The fortunate news in terms of planning out dental […]

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3 Things That Are True When Your Smile Is Healthy

When your smile is in excellent health, you know that this is a good thing. However, that doesn’t always mean you realize just how beneficial it is for you to maintain your oral health. Today, our Saxonburg, PA team would like for you to reflect on the advantages of maintaining your teeth and gums. As […]

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Dental Care And Planning Your Summer Travel

The first thing that comes to mind as you plan your summer travel might not be your oral health. However, it should definitely be at the top of your list! Don’t forget that a toothache can really mess up an otherwise fun journey you have planned for yourself. So, why not take care of dental […]

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Posted April 25, 2019 / Blog, Patient Education, Preventive Dentistry

Your Dental Care: When What You’re Doing Isn’t Effective

You feel like you’re doing what you’re supposed to be doing when the topic of your personal dental care comes up. However, it’s become blatantly obvious to you that whatever you’re doing simply isn’t working because you’re not seeing the results that most patients desire: A clean, healthy smile that’s free of significant staining, cavities, […]

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Posted April 23, 2019 / Blog, Patient Education, Preventive Dentistry

Embarrassing Things That Can Happen To Anyone

From time to time, something embarrassing might crop up in your personal dental care that you practice. Of course, there are two main ways you can respond to this! First, you can just completely pretend nothing has happened, even if it to your detriment. Second, you can lay your pride aside and contact our Saxonburg, […]

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Posted April 16, 2019 / Blog, Patient Education, Preventive Dentistry

Yes, We Really Want You To Like Your Dental Care Products

You may think that the ability to enjoy your dental hygiene products is probably just something that’s a bonus. If you’re lucky enough to like your toothbrush or the flavor of your dental floss, then this is a good thing. However, if you aren’t too enthused about the stuff you’re using for your daily dental […]

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Posted April 9, 2019 / Blog, Patient Education, Preventive Dentistry

Facial Trauma: How To Best Avoid It!

You may not think a lot about facial trauma when you’re considering your oral health because, generally speaking, you don’t really tend to focus on potential calamities that could befall you. Instead, you focus primarily on brushing, flossing, visits, the occasional filling, etc. However, since this is April, which means it’s National Facial Protection Month, […]

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