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Welcome to your resource for all things dental health-related! We try to keep things interesting and fun – our blog is a great way for us to update our patients about changes around the office or interesting dental news. We may even throw in a video here and there! Feel free to suggest blog topics if you have a question you’d like us to address. Email us at

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Posted November 26, 2018 / Blog, Community Events

Painting In The Park November 2018

Wish you could paint and express your inner creativity but you aren’t really even sure where to begin? If you ask our Saxonburg, PA team, we will most certainly direct you to the upcoming Painting in the Park event! It’s a newbie-friendly experience that is sure to help you feel like you’re creating a masterpiece, […]

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Posted November 21, 2018 / Blog, Preventive Dentistry

Set Up A Checkup Even If…

Even if you don’t think you really need a dental checkup or maybe you don’t want to schedule one, etc., you should still schedule a visit. How is our Saxonburg, PA team so sure about this without even knowing what you’re thinking, you wonder? Well, in most instances, when you are considering it or you […]

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Posted November 20, 2018 / Blog, Restorative Dentistry

Need Restorative Dentistry? Why Procrastination Is Your Enemy!

Do you know that you need restorative dentistry? Have quite the hunch because your tooth is feeling really awful at the moment? Have you contacted our team and gotten your visit all set up just yet? If you are shaking your head from side to side because you’ve been considering it but you still need […]

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Posted November 19, 2018 / Blog, Preventive Dentistry, Restorative Dentistry

Avoiding Dental Cracks: How, Why, And What-If?

One of those things you may not have ever considered before was the fact that you can take steps to avoid serious smile damage. Did you know that ending up with cracked teeth may be easier than you think? The good news in this situation is that you can also prevent cracks with ease, as […]

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Posted November 15, 2018 / Blog, Patient Education, Preventive Dentistry

Bad Breath: The “Why” And “What To Do” Details

Bad breath is one of those things that just about everyone experiences at one time or another. However, when you realize that you’re not having your usually successful go at making it go away with a round or two of brushing and flossing, you can start to become worried. Are you doing something to promote […]

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Posted November 14, 2018 / Blog, Patient Education, Preventive Dentistry

Time: Why Getting Through Dental Hygiene Keeps Feeling Difficult

One of the strange things about dental hygiene is that even though you can completely time out the brushing portion to ensure you’re giving each quadrant equal amounts of time, thereby providing yourself with exceptional cleansing, this doesn’t mean you’re actually relying on time. Instead, you may find that getting through brushing is feeling more […]

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Posted November 13, 2018 / Blog, Patient Education, Preventive Dentistry

Things You’ve Just Got To Remember About Floss

Thinking about dental floss may not always be the highlight of your day. In fact, you may try to convince yourself that you can leave it behind! However, you really do need to incorporate this product into your daily oral health care. With that said, there are also some things that our Saxonburg, PA team […]

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Posted November 12, 2018 / Blog, Patient Education, Restorative Dentistry

What Might Cause Me To Require A Tooth Extraction?

You may want to know: What might cause you to need a tooth extraction? Is it always something that you can avoid? Are there some extractions that have nothing to do with your oral health care but that simply become necessary due to the natural development of your smile? Of course, we are aware that […]

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Posted November 8, 2018 / Blog, Prosthetic Dentistry, Restorative Dentistry

When You Haven’t Had Dental Care In “Forever”

How long has it been since the last time you made your way to a dental practice and received dental care for your oral health? Over a year? Over ten years? Longer? We know that once a certain amount of time has passed, it starts feeling like forever. The longer it goes, the more you […]

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Posted November 7, 2018 / Blog, Community Events

Turkey Craft From Used Books Event!

Have a used book that has seen much better days? So much so that instead of donating it, you’re fairly certain it’s better to find some way to repurpose it? Perhaps you have multiple copies of the same book and you really don’t need the extras. Great news: The upcoming Turkey Craft From Used Books […]

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